Thomas W. Shaddox

Some contact information redacted. References available upon request.

Experience & Accomplishments

ResNet Developer, Missouri State University Dept. of Residence Life and Services

August 2009 to present.

  • Engineered large web applications, including a trouble ticket system, an issue tracker, and a campus-wide database for housing reservations and billing during the summer.
  • Worked alone and in development teams of 2-5.
  • Met with clients to establish software specifications and developed incrementally based on feedback.
  • Used version control systems, issue trackers, and code testing frameworks.
  • Maintained and documented legacy web applications.
  • Quickly learned and utilized new technologies, languages, and frameworks (see Skills).

Computer Technician, Mexico Public Schools (Mexico, Missouri)

August 2004 to August 2006; part time. August 2006 to December 2007; full time.

  • Deployed new workstations, troubleshooted hardware and software problems, and conducted equipment inventories for the district’s seven buildings.
  • Resigned in December 2007 to enroll as full time student for the Spring 2008 semester.



  • Experienced in C, Java, Python, and PHP. Familiar with Lua and C++. Currently exploring Scheme and Ruby.
  • Web technologies: Fluent in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Familiar with JSON and XML.
  • Frameworks: Fluent in Django and jQuery. Familiar with Google Web Toolkit and YUI.
  • Environments/Editors: Eclipse, Emacs, and vi.
  • Version Control Systems: Git, Bazaar, and Subversion.

Operating Systems

  • Familiar with all versions of Microsoft Windows.
  • Experienced with Linux; familiar with several server and desktop distributions.


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