Monthly Archives: August 2008

Some Oldies

Here’s a post of several MP3′s I’ve made over the past few years.  Riddled with mistakes, sloppiness, incompletion, and bad mixing, some are still perhaps worth a listen. Acoustictry1 Cinematrick Classicrocktubereason2 Dispar8, it gets good halfway through Hype Leedzor, one of my first classic Facebook posts Pianotrick, an even older piece in 3/4 Simple Guitar [...]


Me and James (mostly James) installed my subwoofer and amplifier in my truck yesterday. I am quite pleased with it, kicks very hard at high volumes and sounds very clean at normal volumes. At very high volumes my headlights dim slightly at every bass hit.  I also fixed my third door handle.


An arrangement of three different short piano themes I worked up. Decided to make a video as well. Observation

Embedded Streaming MP3′s

Today I decided to implement Jeroen Wijering’s Flash Media Player, which is provided by my web host Dreamhost.  I’m also using the WordPress plugin WP-FLV, which basically lets me use a short <flv> tag instead of the lengthy code normally required to embed the player. All of my songs will now be streamable from their [...]

My Gibson Firebird