Monthly Archives: July 2008

Very Rough Drum Recording(s)

Using only 2 overheads and a snare mic.  Obviously having a kick mic over snare mic would’ve been better. roughdrums Using 2 overheads and kick mic.  Idk, I’m missing the snare now, makes the whole thing sound more roomy and muddy I think.  Obviously I just need more XLR cables. roughdrums2

Blogging with Word 2007?!

I just discovered that Word 2007 is supposed to be able to publish to a number of blogging services and platforms, and if you can read this, then indeed it can! Basically you just go to New, then type in blog and you should see a result “New Blog Post.” You then input your account [...]

Blizzard Baron

This isn’t quite a whole song yet, more of a theme that should find its way into some sort of song.  I’ve been experimenting with simple octave melodies with the right hand, which will hopefully help develop a (much needed) more involved left hand technique.  Named after this lego set. blizzardbaron.mp3