Monthly Archives: June 2008

Deep Freeze Defender

Just recorded this piece.  It’s titled after this lego set, which is probably the best thing I ever got as a child.  Was a bit unsure of the tempo and arrangement I wanted, so I played without a click track (you’ll notice some temporal inconsistencies and a general lack of confidence).  Performed on a Roland [...]

Two Midis

Two midis from my last two songs. terminal170bpm flatthoughts132bpm

IGN Stoops To New Low With Annoying Ads

I instantly shuddered when I checked today.  The background and most of the “content” area (btw, where is the actual content?) is flooded with some ad campaign.  Worst part is, the ads are terrible, both in fashion (awful colors) and function (what is it even advertising?).  Whatever it is, I’ll make sure to not [...]