Monthly Archives: May 2008

My Great Great Grandfather

My grandmother has this photograph of her grandfather.  He’s my dad’s mom’s mom’s dad.  His last name was State, and he immigrated from Germany and settled in Iowa, where he met my dad’s mom’s mom’s mom.  This makes me a fourth generation American, at least through this lineage.

Google Talk chatback

Google has released a little gem that lets guests to your website chat with you when you’re online.

Flock, the Social Network Browser

Flock homepage Just checking Flock out, and trying its built-in blog posting ability.  Seems like a pretty slick little browser, albeit with a lot of unnecessary baggage.  Most of its functionality can be accomplished with bookmarks and rss feeds, but not as slickly as it does it. Blogged with the Flock Browser


A piano instrumental piece. Recorded on Roland RD-700SX and rendered with TruePianos. Terminal

Flat Thoughts

A piano instrumental piece. Recorded on Roland RD-700SX and rendered with TruePianos Flat Thoughts


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Acer’s Goofy Gaming Laptop

Acer released this gigantic 18.4″ gaming laptop with a goofy keyboard setup.  The keyboard looks offset to the right due to the 3×3 numpad, but I suppose it’s a good idea to make the qwerty section centered under the monitor, which they did.  Still looks weird.  Personally, my preference on laptops has pretty much reversed [...]

Running Vista on a DAW

Or rather, NOT RUNNING VISTA ON A DAW.  A DAW, or digital audio workstation, consists of a personal computer and all related software and hardware used to record, edit, mix, and generally produce audio content.  One of the most important aspects of your DAW is your choice of DAW software.  For Windows, there are many [...]