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Blogging with Word 2007?!

I just discovered that Word 2007 is supposed to be able to publish to a number of blogging services and platforms, and if you can read this, then indeed it can! Basically you just go to New, then type in blog and you should see a result “New Blog Post.” You then input your account [...]

Flock, the Social Network Browser

Flock homepage Just checking Flock out, and trying its built-in blog posting ability.  Seems like a pretty slick little browser, albeit with a lot of unnecessary baggage.  Most of its functionality can be accomplished with bookmarks and rss feeds, but not as slickly as it does it. Blogged with the Flock Browser

Acer’s Goofy Gaming Laptop

Acer released this gigantic 18.4″ gaming laptop with a goofy keyboard setup.  The keyboard looks offset to the right due to the 3×3 numpad, but I suppose it’s a good idea to make the qwerty section centered under the monitor, which they did.  Still looks weird.  Personally, my preference on laptops has pretty much reversed [...]