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My Dual Monitor Mount

My last monitor stand was certainly overkill, and while decent, used a large portion of my admittedly tiny sewing table computer desk. My new display solution required buying another monitor (Amazon link) and an Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm from Amazon. My Samsung monitors required VESA adapters, which were not included with the arm, but [...]

New Monitor Stand

It’s an Ergotron 33-321-057, and it’s definitely overkill.


Me and James (mostly James) installed my subwoofer and amplifier in my truck yesterday. I am quite pleased with it, kicks very hard at high volumes and sounds very clean at normal volumes. At very high volumes my headlights dim slightly at every bass hit.  I also fixed my third door handle.

My Great Great Grandfather

My grandmother has this photograph of her grandfather.  He’s my dad’s mom’s mom’s dad.  His last name was State, and he immigrated from Germany and settled in Iowa, where he met my dad’s mom’s mom’s mom.  This makes me a fourth generation American, at least through this lineage.