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Fully Homomorphic Encryption

Fully Homomorphic Encryption This is fascinating. The idea is, I could encrypt some data and send it to a third party X. Then, without ever decrypting my data, X could perform some computation on my data and return the results to me. Only I can read the results, just like how only I can decrypt [...]

My Dual Monitor Mount

My last monitor stand was certainly overkill, and while decent, used a large portion of my admittedly tiny sewing table computer desk. My new display solution required buying another monitor (Amazon link) and an Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm from Amazon. My Samsung monitors required VESA adapters, which were not included with the arm, but [...]

“Rope” An Instrumental Composition

This is what I made over the weekend. Rope

New Monitor Stand

It’s an Ergotron 33-321-057, and it’s definitely overkill.

Jonathan Coulton Punk Medley

This is a medley of three Jonathan Coulton songs, in a pop punk arrangement. I recorded everything except JoCo’s vocals, which I got from his JoCo Looks Back album. jocopunk-06

“Ban” An Instrumental Composition

Here it is: ban.mp3

“Tetris” An Instrumental Arrangement

This is a partly original instrumental metal piece, so titled for reasons which will become obvious upon listening.  Highlighted is my inadequate mixing ability, but a decent sounding result was achieved. tetris

50 Movies of Summer

As of this moment, I have completed watching Vicky Christina Barcelona, bringing the number of movies I have watched for the first time this summer to fifty. Granted, prolific film critics easily view two hundred films a year–I am no less impressed with my accomplishment. I set out to expose myself to films which I [...]

“The Point” An Electric Instrumental

After setting up all my recording gear, I christened my new apartment by recording this piece. the point

“Bramble” A Short Metal Piece

I recorded this short piece to try out The Metal Foundry, an expansion for Toontrack’s Superior Drummer, a sampled drum VST instrument. The whole thing actually turned out a bit decent. I also used a distorted preset with Reason Electric Bass and Amplitube for the rhythm and lead guitars. bramble bramble drums only